Hey guys, this is part 4 of a 5 part tutorial series.
By the end of these tutorials you will create an underground carpark scene.

You will cover:

The techniques used in these tutorials will help you with your own personal projects.




  1. 11 Mar ’12  7:25 am by tarik bagriyanik Reply

    here is my part 4 render:


    • 11 Mar ’12  9:18 am by Rex Harby

      Really nice result Tarik, great job :)

  2. 11 Mar ’12  10:04 am by tarik bagriyanik Reply

    i hope we are now in peace, because i wrote some bad comment at your 3rd part ...

    this render looks a COPY of your project, but i wanted to follow your steps strictly to get a good result...

    thanks Rex

    • 11 Mar ’12  10:52 am by Rex Harby

      Well Tarik, part 3 wasn't one of my best tutorials, I will give you that :P But I rerecorded it so many times that I just gave up and launched it.

  3. 11 Mar ’12  5:22 pm by Jordan Reply

    Thank you for Part 4. Glad you've finally put it up.

    In the future I'd suggest recording all the parts before putting them up on the web that way you could release them a week or two apart, that way there isn't a huge delay between the releases.

    • 11 Mar ’12  11:37 pm by Rex Harby

      Ha, yeah Jordan, thats what me and Greg where saying to each other a while back. Thanks.

  4. 20 Mar ’12  7:02 pm by Chris Reply

    Looks nice, what can these kind of scenes be used for? Can they be used in animation?

    • 21 Mar ’12  3:40 am by Rex Harby

      Yes, they can be used for animation if you fully build the scene, or you could just not aim the camera the the open world. Thanks for the comment.

  5. 23 Mar ’12  9:30 pm by Ivan Kahl Reply

    Can you publish the .blend file for each tutorial in the series.

  6. 12 Apr ’12  11:10 am by squibblejack Reply

    this looks cool, the render looks
    so real, just what i like.
    i am starting this one now =)

  7. 20 May ’12  2:42 pm by Luke Norman Reply

    If you look at the ceiling, on the top left, you'll notice that it stops suddenly. Leaving a big open black space, what's the problem there and how to fix it? It's happening on mine too.

    • 20 May ’12  2:50 pm by Luke Norman

      Ah, I am a fool. =] That is the shadow from the pipes and brackets. I do apologise.
      Great tutorial as of yet, and no doubt the next video will be good also.

  8. 28 May ’12  3:14 am by blenderman Reply

    Hey, just wanted to tell somthing about the website. At the startpage, if you click the arrow to the right and mouse over the carpark scene, the description text is abbreviated (I think the others are, too) even though there would be enough space for the full text.
    there is written: [...] create an underground carp
    I don't know what an undergrground carp is :D

    anyway, just wanted to report this "bug"

  9. 3 Jun ’12  8:35 pm by ben Reply

    When will #5 be here?

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