My computer is below-average, so don't judge Blender's capability by the quality of this render :)

You will learn:

  • How to use the smoke simulator
  • How use materials to create the right fire effect depending on your scene
  • And of course how to create realistic fire

It’s worth noting that my below-average computer cannot handle simulations very well, hence the low-quality fire. But if you have a decent computer, you can create brilliantly detailed and realistic fire.

This method for creating fire originally comes from here.




  1. 28 Apr ’11  5:36 am by Jeffrey Bright Reply

    Hey, looks cool, gotta say, i havent had much time, Im hopin to get to the tutorial i told you i was making sometime today (lots going on recently)

    Anyway, ill give this a go, but you do know that he has a fire Ebook out that explains fire in 2.5 right?

    and also..any reason why it was a gun that caught fire? personally I find that gun faulty ;D

    Oh and just to be a douche FIRST!

    • 28 Apr ’11  6:17 am by Greg Zaal

      You mean 'he' as in Mr Price?? I thought it was just for 2.49 :P is it still the old particle sim method??

      Anyway, looking forward to that tutorial... can't remember what its on but anyway :P

      Gun + Fire = Awesomeness!

  2. 28 Apr ’11  6:50 am by Jeffrey Bright Reply

    lol yes andrew price, and it is for 2.5 as well ;D its surprising, but i really needed a video tut, because his PDF is hard to follow
    and no its not, its the same way, but VERY hard to follow

    The tut is on...well ehres the title (should be easy to figure out what its on then lol)

    How to create simple clothes for a character using your character base mesh

    and yes, yes it does ;D

  3. 28 Apr ’11  7:55 am by Denis Dzyuba Reply

    Hi Greg,
    So far, I have seen only two 'competitor' tutorials: by Blender Guru (Andrew Price) and by BlenderDiplom (Gottfried Hofmann)
    Their fires look different from each other, and yours is different from either of them. I don't think there is any way to tell which fire is 'better' because, obviously, it's a matter of personal preferences and the feeling you are trying to convey by your scene.
    However, I will note (without offence) that to burn a gun is better than consigning poor Suzanne to a pyre. She ain't no witch... :-D

  4. 28 Apr ’11  11:25 am by Jordan Reply

    Nice tutorial, not really sure why you put a gun on fire though ;)

  5. 28 Apr ’11  5:26 pm by Thordwilk Reply

    Thank you for the update, Ive been working on this type of vfx for the last two days using Introduction to Smoke Simulation in Blender 2.5 – Day 1, a nice tutorial but its a little outdated since the recent builds. Its good to see a little more updated recap on this subject, thank you.

  6. 28 Apr ’11  6:09 pm by Terry Reply

    This the best fire tutorial I've ever seen. Great job.
    Very much "get to the point". I had no idea you could get such cool fire with such few settings.
    Thanks again...

    • 28 Apr ’11  11:01 pm by Greg Zaal

      Haha I only realised how many other fire tutorials are out there once I posted this... if I had known sooner I probably wouldn't have made it :P
      Thanks :)

    • 5 May ’11  6:24 pm by Terry

      Hey Greg,
      I have to say thanks so much for your method in explaining in a way I can understand. Please Don't bother to look at what has been done. You have figured out how to make it clear and my head don't ache after watching.
      Thanks again. I really look forward to your tutorials.

    • 6 May ’11  8:01 am by Greg Zaal

      Thank you :)

  7. 29 Apr ’11  12:15 am by Jeffrey Bright Reply

    There may be a lot, but none of them compare!

  8. 29 Apr ’11  8:39 pm by ben Reply

    hey your the first person in a fire tutorial to actually get the materials right! Thanks alot :)

    • 30 Apr ’11  12:58 am by Greg Zaal

      Yay! :)

  9. 7 May ’11  11:28 pm by Titanium Pen Reply

    Can't believe I haven't stumbled upon this site before!

  10. 17 May ’11  9:40 am by wi77iam Reply

    Nice. BTW that is one ballah ass AK47 model. I love the textures for the rifle... do you have a tutorial for how to model and texture the gun as well? Thanks and sorry for the "hip-hop" slang. Ballah ass = awesome or wonderful. ; )

    • 17 May ’11  9:47 am by Greg Zaal

      Funnily enough, yes I do. But it was my first video tut, so excuse the terribleness :)

  11. 25 May ’11  11:06 am by Alex Reply

    Hi I Followed all the instructions, but my smoke dissapeared when I enable Smoke High Resolution and increase resolution divisions to 80. I can't see it in Play mode and Render. I could obtain fire, but not smoke. Can you help me please?

    • 25 May ’11  11:23 am by Greg Zaal

      If you followed exactly, it should work :) try again, and if you still have no luck, post your .blend file and I'll take a look.

      Possible solutions I'm thinking off the top of my head:
      >> Something went wrong with the bake, try baking it again.
      >> Theres something wrong with the material ("I could obtain fire, but not smoke") go over that part of the tutorial again. If you can get one you can get the other - it is only the material that distinguishes between the two.
      >> Make sure you bake AFTER enabling High Resolution

  12. 25 May ’11  3:33 pm by Alex Reply

    Hi you could download my blender file from here:

    and click here:

    to see the final render.

    Thanks a lot!!

    • 26 May ’11  6:17 am by Greg Zaal

      So what exactly do you think is the problem? It looks fine to me. The lack of smoke has to do with the material - play around with the color ramp sliders - moving them all more to the right will make more smoke while moving them to the left will make more fire

  13. 26 May ’11  8:27 am by Alex Reply

    Hi I sent you an email, I hope you could help me. THX

  14. 29 May ’11  2:05 pm by eukleyvcardoso Reply

    I folowed the tutorial and in the end I get this with stuff around my smoke do you know how to fix it?

    • 30 May ’11  5:34 am by Greg Zaal

      uncheck "emitter" in the particle settings

    • 30 May ’11  12:18 pm by eukleyvcardoso

      I did what you said and it didn't work, so here is the blend file:

    • 30 May ’11  12:29 pm by Greg Zaal

      Blender stores the baked smoke sim outside of the blend file, so i wouldnt be able to see exactly what you do... but: - uncheck that

    • 31 May ’11  5:59 am by Greg Zaal

      Sorry, just realised my mistake :)
      It's not the 'emitter' that you must uncheck, but under that where it says 'Render' and then a row of buttons below that. Click 'None' instead of 'Halo'

  15. 23 Jun ’11  12:42 pm by Paul Murphy Reply

    Hi , when i render it i dont see any fire or smoke, i see smoke in the 3D viewport but again no fire , any ideas? thanks

    • 28 Aug ’11  4:59 pm by Ken

      Me too. I can't see in the render.

    • 6 May ’12  6:13 am by John

      My problem exactly.

  16. 30 Jun ’11  11:55 am by Paolo Di Luca Reply

    Hey greg, i like your tutorials because they're short (with 20 minutes almost), and you know how teach dificult stuffs in a easy way

    • 30 Jun ’11  11:57 am by Greg Zaal

      Haha thanks... but funny you should say that, I'm about to record part 3 of the Breakfast hall series... I expect it to be like an hour! Architechture modeling can be quite slow ;)

  17. 27 Feb ’12  11:35 pm by Gary Reply

    Thank you for this tut sir.

  18. 20 Mar ’12  7:47 pm by ChrisDitfort Reply

    Can I still do this without an object like a machine gun?

    • 21 Mar ’12  4:27 am by Greg Zaal

      Sure! Anything

  19. 9 Oct ’12  12:06 pm by Sep Reply

    I wonder why the outcome of mine is just smoke? and no fire?

  20. 24 Dec ’12  4:29 am by Nasya Reply

    Hey! Great tutorial - really helpful =] Just one quick question, though. Right now my fire looks a little "patchy". what would you recommend doing to make the fire a bit more concentrated? Also how to make the resolution better? Thanks!

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