1. 12 Nov ’11  6:44 am by dudeplayer Reply

    Love you guys!!!
    This is the perfect free version of blender cookies exclusive tuorial!!!
    Happy Blending,


  2. 12 Nov ’11  1:20 pm by filip Reply

    Is there a need or a way to meshify these forms ?

    • 12 Nov ’11  4:50 pm by Moolah

      Alt+C - menu...

    • 13 Nov ’11  12:10 am by Olson

      Indeed alt + C and choose to convert curve to mesh.

      In order to UV unwrap these things, they would need to be a mesh.

      There is an issue with converting the logo in particular to a mesh which means one needs to choose really, whether to use curves for such a task in the first place, and that is the conversion process at the moment creates a lot of triangles and pretty nasty topology.

      The round forms will convert well, so the pipe and "lathe" style objects, the logo though, could be messy, at least with the mesh system as it currently is.

  3. 12 Nov ’11  4:50 pm by Moolah Reply

    Nice tut!
    It's inspiring :)

  4. 12 Nov ’11  8:07 pm by DanTheMan Reply

    I was just thinking that it would be great to have a tutorial like this.

    Thank You!

  5. 14 Nov ’11  7:49 am by Leto85 Reply

    Amazing tutorial. This will make me use curves more often perhaps.
    Can you please post a direct link to where you've got the logo? Than I can use that myself to try this tutorial.

    • 15 Nov ’11  6:02 am by Olson

      Thanks :)

      I found it around here: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.4/Manual/Modeling/Curves

  6. 14 Nov ’11  10:39 am by Saman Reply

    You are a great instructor and thank you so much for such a lovely tutorial

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  8. 14 Nov ’11  11:17 pm by Horeb Reply

    Wuuuuuts, perfect guys. Have a list of videos to watch and practice already. Thanks

  9. 15 Nov ’11  12:10 am by pinkris Reply

    Incredible... your performance is great, congratulations!

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  11. 15 Nov ’11  1:55 am by Don Reply

    very nice tut! thx!

  12. 15 Nov ’11  10:11 am by jrkirby Reply

    Nice, I learned alot

  13. 15 Nov ’11  12:28 pm by UncleGummy Reply

    I went through a tutorial very much like this in 2.43, so I didn't think I'd learn anything new. But I learned a ton of stuff I didn't know before! Thank you! Another excellent tut from Blender Nerd!

  14. 16 Nov ’11  7:51 am by barriallen Reply

    Great tutorial. Thank you very much indeed.
    I've not used very much curves in Blender till now (extruding points looked more handy to me for shapes to lathe), but your demonstration of handles' manipulation is so clever that I feel inspired to follow your methods.

  15. 17 Nov ’11  3:20 pm by Olson Reply

    Hi. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement.

    I'm glad some people got something out of it and I really appreciate you all taking the time to comment. You're awesome, thanks!

    Happy Blending :)

  16. 18 Nov ’11  4:40 am by hertog Reply

    First of all thx you for the tutorial.

    I have one questoin. I created a bezier curver object. It looks perfect and now I converted it to a mesh. That all worked fine and it looks grete but it has way to many vertices's. Is there some easy way to reduce the amount of vertices's without doing it all manually? Or can I set the amount of vertices's that is should use during convert?

    Thanks in advance

  17. 18 Nov ’11  4:33 pm by Olson Reply

    Hi hertog,

    Indeed, it depends on how you have the resolution of the curve set.

    The first setting near the top: Resolution: preview U:12 and Render U:0 will give you 12 rings in between each control point, you may wish to set preview U: down to 6 or less.

    The second is the resolution of the Bevel, this control the amount of edges flowing the length of the curve. In the video I think I set it to like 10 which is pretty high. More reasonable value of 6 or less would probably suffice.

    In the case of using bevel object, you must change the Preview: U value on both curves.

    Hope that helps!


  18. 19 Nov ’11  2:47 pm by hertog Reply

    Hi Olson,

    Ok I will give that a try.
    Thx you very much for your answer.


  19. 30 Dec ’11  4:54 pm by Lemox Reply

    Excellent tutorial. Thank you guy :-)

  20. 16 Jan ’12  1:31 am by AphroPrincess Reply

    LOVE your accent... accent = hot

    Anyway... thanks a million for this tutorial/ overview of curves because I have been trying to figure out curves but never really had the time to get in depth with it.... Again thank you... for the tut and the accent ^_^

  21. 26 Jan ’12  12:20 pm by sonofwitz Reply

    Thanks so much for this. I have to bang out a project and was fretting about the quickest way to do it. I knew I had to start with some curves for this one part, but I didn't know how easy it was to take them so far, even having read the documentation. There is a huge difference between these walkthroughs and the docs when it comes to understanding quickly. Great stuff.

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  23. 26 Mar ’12  9:12 am by Calzaath Reply

    Just wondering, dose this logo mean anything? or is it just a cool logo?

  24. 13 Jul ’12  11:59 am by Rh Factor Reply

    Thank you so much for this great tutorial!

  25. 19 Sep ’12  3:39 pm by dan Reply

    Great Tutorial, but this one does not teach you how to join the curves, circles. etc. with other meshes

  26. 23 Sep ’12  12:48 pm by Ryan Reply

    I wish there was a non video tutorial like this as I do not have the bandwidth to watch the video version. I have no idea how to actually convert the curve to a viewable mesh, please explain.

  27. 8 Dec ’12  7:55 am by Dark_Cron Reply

    Good tutorial I'm not a beginner but hadn't used curves before, thank you for making this. :)

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  29. 16 Aug ’13  3:15 pm by BlenderUser 2.67 Reply

    Hey, nice tutorial, but I can't seem to be able to select the circle (or anything) as the Bevel Object. Any help?

    • 25 Sep ’13  4:29 am by Greg Zaal

      You can only use Curve objects for the bevel.

  30. 1 Sep ’13  10:12 am by BlenderUser 2.67 Reply

    I found out how to select the circle, but then my dragon logo isn't filled in when I enter wireframe mode, so if I extrude/bevel it I get some sort of nazca lines effect. Any help?

  31. 4 Sep ’13  10:01 pm by Gideao Souza Reply

    Me Arrependo de não ter visto isso antes!!! Não tinha ideia de que o blender é tão bom assim. Isso facilita pra caramba, MUITO OBRIGADO PELO MATERIAL DE ESTUDO.

  32. 6 Sep ’13  12:01 pm by Neo Reply

    Hello! Just hoping I could get an answer here but I am entirely new to Blender, it has been 2 days, and I'm on 2.68a. My problem: In the first part of the video he "extrudes" his object. In 2D mode I can have it filled but as soon as I extrude it or bevel it it hollows out and look awful (for my purposes, at least) I use Cycles but I checked if it worked in the Blender Render and it did not. Feel free to bombard me with technical terms or ask for clarification on my shaky explanation. Thanks you in advance,

  33. 17 Feb ’14  11:13 pm by John Reply

    Cool tutorial. Its great for blender beginners. Thanks for putting these up!


  34. 1 Mar ’14  8:33 pm by blender amateur Reply

    Olson, you're awesome. Thank you so much. Do you have a youtube channel I can suscribe to?

    • 2 Mar ’14  5:00 am by Greg Zaal


  35. 23 Mar ’14  5:36 am by damilton Reply

    I have this blender software but i do not know how to use it.

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