1. 1 Apr ’12  1:45 pm by Cono Reply

    Awesome, as soon as i get to my mansion i'll try it!

  2. 1 Apr ’12  2:00 pm by simone Reply

    1st April...you Joke

  3. 1 Apr ’12  2:25 pm by LswaN Reply

    Hahaha, yes this is truly a great leap forward in the art of CGI!

  4. 1 Apr ’12  2:59 pm by GREG P Reply

    Just great, thanks, I could almost taste the pancake , mmmmmm!

  5. 1 Apr ’12  3:03 pm by squibblejack Reply

    it wont work, i keep getting stuck !!!
    HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA lol the bake !!

  6. 1 Apr ’12  3:54 pm by scttr Reply

    Amazing, a great example of how to use the 'bake' function, and I can't wait to see the garlic bread tutorial!

  7. 1 Apr ’12  10:29 pm by adrian_gevan Reply

    april fools right? ha ha!!

  8. 1 Apr ’12  11:34 pm by Ivan Kahl Reply

    You cut the video when you went into 3d view so you could see the 'uncooked pancake' because the cursor jumps from the corner to the centre.

  9. 2 Apr ’12  2:00 am by Moolah Reply

    Coool! :))) Give me TWO! :)

  10. 2 Apr ’12  3:57 am by Mark Reply

    You are Craaazy!

  11. 2 Apr ’12  7:33 am by sagerfrog Reply

    I must have had the fac values wrong, because mine was a waffle.

  12. 2 Apr ’12  10:18 am by Calzaath Reply

    um....you don't bake pancaces. but it was a good tut ususual :D

  13. 2 Apr ’12  12:20 pm by beta-tester Reply

    hmmm... it seems the mix node factors are not correct in the video... i get no pencakes... i get only an egg-mikl-shake or scrambled-egg...
    or do i use the wrong blender version... ?

  14. 3 Apr ’12  5:22 am by Gary Parkin Reply

    Holy crap. That was funny. I was waiting for a real tutorial on food. It turned out to be one of those egg jokes where the yoke's on me.

  15. 3 Apr ’12  10:45 am by Thomas Reply

    Was more thinking of this:


  16. 5 Apr ’12  3:43 pm by JSalman Reply

    Raise my hopes ... let me down :' /

  17. 6 Apr ’12  1:58 pm by cousteau Reply

    It's a shame I didn't see this one the day it was published, even though I searched for Blender "news" expecting something like this...
    Very nice job!

  18. 6 Apr ’12  4:26 pm by Verticies Reply

    Funny :)

    I was thinking something more this would be an awesome tutorial

  19. 11 Apr ’12  3:44 pm by Imalaja Reply

    You got pancake mix!

  20. 13 Apr ’12  5:55 am by forestdino Reply

    It worked for me, thanks guys, really tasty pancakes. Could you do tut on cheeseburgers next?

  21. 18 Apr ’12  2:39 pm by Masterapmark Reply

    This seems awfully like a troll tutorial.... Does Blender actually do something like this? xD

    • 19 Apr ’12  12:59 am by Greg Zaal

      We released this tutorial on April 1st ;)

  22. 27 May ’12  6:04 pm by Mike Therrien Reply

    Something is baking but it isn't pancake!...LOL

  23. 27 Dec ’12  10:56 am by Lekso Reply

    LOL :D

  24. 1 Jan ’13  10:00 am by leslie Reply

    the link to the plug in shows a cat picture.canu please help?

  25. 6 Mar ’13  8:44 pm by Lawrence Mercieca Reply

    I actually tried this and it happened. I left mine rendering to long though and now it is black. You could have warned us about how long to bake it :-(

  26. 10 Mar ’13  6:08 pm by Satria Reply

    Umm, I'm an Asian, ah well, a Javanese from Indonesia. Can Blender bake Javanese traditional food too? How if I want to steam it, instead of bake it?
    thee hee hee.

  27. 21 Mar ’13  6:52 am by kobe shoes cheap Reply

    omg I never checked, thank you for telling me! I will get it up asap

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