1. 19 Feb ’12  8:57 pm by Terry Reply

    Thanks Greg. Sometimes my head starts to spinning with some of the tutorials.
    I feel a bit dizzy now, so that must be a good one to look over all the little parts.

    Than Again..

  2. 20 Feb ’12  1:18 am by greg p Reply

    Hey Terry,
    check out some of the "introduction to Cycles" tutorials, you need to know the basics of cycles first, at least thats what I think.
    Nice tutorial greg, gimp 2.7 , nice one!

  3. 20 Feb ’12  3:55 pm by bandung Reply

    Thanks Greg for another nice tutorial.

  4. 27 Feb ’12  9:32 am by Henrique Reply

    Hello! Thanks for the tut! I always wondered how to create this kind of stuff.
    I'd like to make a suggestion: why don't you post an image with the final result below the video? This way we can understand better the goal of the tutorial.


  5. 5 Mar ’12  8:12 pm by Enrique Reply

    Hey Greg, nice tutorial, just one little trick to save time unwrapping at the beginning of the tutorial:

    "U" > unwrap. After clicking unwrap, on the toolbar at the left of the viewport, change the unwrap method to "conformal" and the uv islands should "align" to the axis automatically. (even better results if you "apply scale" before unwrapping)

    I wish I knew this little trick before... ;)

  6. 15 Mar ’12  2:39 pm by rui davi Reply

    nice , this is very very good , you are a genius ! tnks

    • 20 May ’12  3:09 pm by Kanesha

      Hey Porter. Thanks so much for this. I started plyiang with normals after your excellent brick wall tutorial. I never knew you could do this.Suggestion: Regarding the B not typing, just resize the right panel a bit larger then you can see the first letter. Bugged me too.I saved my bigger size as a user preference.I'm really looking forward to the Photoshop part.

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