Another addition to the list of add-ons that are now default in 2.59 is the ivy generator.

With this add-on, you can generate some realistic ivy that seems to attach itself to whatever object you choose. Its really simple to use and can really make a big difference in your scene.

If you would like to know how to texture the leaves properly, watch the previous tutorial on creating a tree with Blender 2.59

You can download the cupid statue model for free






  1. 14 Aug ’11  9:47 am by peter Reply

    get in your a fucking god :)

  2. 14 Aug ’11  10:28 am by Alan Reply

    Nice tut as usual Greg. Thanks for that. Just a quick FYI for you on the bit starting at 2:10, dunno if you ever tried this but all that edgeloop work you did could have been done a lot quicker and easier with the object data button menu under the normals sub menu, check the Auto Smooth and mess around with the angle, although usually 30 degrees is OK for most things. :)

    Keep up the good work man! Looking forward to the lighting tut on the Breakfast Room. I love playing with lighting.

  3. 15 Aug ’11  10:54 am by GhostDog Reply

    Great tutorial, awesome feature. Thanks a lot.

  4. 16 Aug ’11  1:39 am by Ofentse Reply

    Thanks a lot Greg

  5. 16 Aug ’11  5:33 pm by James Reply

    How would you animate the growth of the ivy? Tried using hooks, but couldn't seem to get it to work.

  6. 16 Aug ’11  10:04 pm by thembisile mzamo Reply

    Great tutorial once again Greg!
    Do you know if the Ivy-Gen add-on is animatable/keyframable

    Greetings from the Eastern Cape!!

  7. 26 Aug ’11  5:18 am by Mehman Jamalov Reply

    Great tutorial,thanks more...but how did you import 3DS Max file?was ir .max file?or .3ds?

    • 26 Aug ’11  6:07 am by Greg Zaal

      It's a .3ds file, and if you have enabled that importer in the user preferences (under Add-ons) you should be able to import a .3ds model from file>import

  8. 27 Aug ’11  6:35 am by Moolah Reply

    Thank you, Greg! It's short and very useful. The way that I like :)

  9. 31 Aug ’11  9:51 am by Dima Reply

    Hello, Greg :) Your tutorial (actually, the moment at 4:12--4:21) inspired me to do a little research on the how to place cursor on the surface of objects.
    The only solution I found so far is to turn on "snap during transform", select face/edge/vertex as element to snap to, move some object to the position you want, and, finally, Snap Cursor To Selected.
    Not satisfied with this, I decided to write an addon to do such basic thing more easily. Hope you'll find it useful :-)

  10. 2 Sep ’11  1:46 am by Urs Reply

    Thanks! great tutorial!
    Is it possible to animate the growing of the ivy? And on the same token, can the growing of trees be animated in the tree generator?

  11. 19 Dec ’11  1:31 am by Melon Reply

    Hi Greg, I was just wondering, how would you get the ivy to curl round from the back of something?

    I've made an energy drink and want ivy to be on it for a cool effect, but I'm just getting tiny ivy that doesn't really look that good.

    Any ideas?

    • 19 Dec ’11  1:42 am by Greg Zaal

      I had a similar problem yesterday. The first thing you need to remember is how blender measures scale. One grid unit should be one meter. Make your scene according to this scale and the ivy should be the right size.

      Other than that, the ivy should wrap itself around the object. If it doesn't, you can play with the settings like reducing the chance of a new branch and increasing the length of the branches. If that still doesn't work for you, try adding a few more pieces of ivy

  12. 12 Mar ’12  10:25 am by tarik bagriyanik Reply

    here is my cupid in ivy:

  13. 6 Sep ’12  3:06 pm by Bob Reply

    You could edit out first 4 min and add how to make the leaves look like leaves.

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