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This is a connection to the #blender channel on Freenode IRC!
Here you can chat to many other blender users.

If you want to do more than pop a question or two, consider downloading an IRC client to chat more often.

How to use IRC

It’s simple really, just a few basic things to remember.

  • Join with whatever Nickname you like. If it’s already taken by someone else on the freenode network (not just in #blender) it will be changed automatically for you. To change it yourself, type “/nick username”. If you become a regular in IRC you may want to register your nick so that no one can steal it.
  • You can send messages to the channel (i.e. chat room) just by typing it in and hitting enter.
  • to show ” *yourname slaps everyone” simply type “/me slaps everyone”
  • to send a personal message to someone, type in “/query username”, then a tab will open where you can talk to them privately
  • to join another channel, type “/join channelname” including the hash (e.g. “/join #blenderchat”)
  • to quit, simply close the window or type “/quit”

Other channels of interest:

#blender – this channel! (just in case you forgot)
#blenderchat – for all the off-topic unrestrained garbage that blenderers tend to want to say.
#blendercoders – where all the developers of Blender congregate and coordinate. They’d prefer it if you keep the chatter to a minimum while they get on with business.
#cycles – channel for the new Cycles renderer being developed by Brecht.
#smc – for all the speed modeling people who like to compete every now and then.
#blendernerd – where you can chat to us.
#blendSA – a channel just for South African blenderers! (there are so few of us, I thought it would be nice a little channel of our own :) feel free to start a channel for your own country if you wish so you can easily coordinate meet-ups etc)

If you have any questions about IRC,
just ask in the comments below!



  1. 23 Sep ’11  4:21 pm by Diego Reply

    why would I use this over blenderartists?

    • 24 Sep ’11  12:10 am by Greg Zaal

      Well BlenderArtists is a forum. This is a chat room. Here you will get instant replies if any of the hundreds of users know the answer (and they usually do) to your question.
      Plus on BlenderArtists you can't stalk the blender developers and get news right from the horses mouth ;)

  2. 17 Jan ’12  11:33 pm by Comrade Reply

    The chat room is nice, but you don't really need a message area for the chat room. Unless you don't have a forum.

  3. 9 Dec ’12  3:09 pm by fallinglisa Reply

    anyone making music??

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