1. 13 Jul ’11  9:08 am by MiD-AwE Reply

    Thank you. Quick and easy but useful.

  2. 13 Jul ’11  12:01 pm by swims Reply

    Thank you all for your good tuts.

    The only thing really annoying in all your videos is the difference of sound level between the title songs and the tut voice. Is it a problem with me only?

    • 13 Jul ’11  1:39 pm by Greg Zaal

      Nah, that's just tanner being lazy ;) Rex does it too sometimes :P BUT I'M PERFECT! haha ;)

  3. 13 Jul ’11  1:52 pm by swims Reply

    Oops sorry Greg, you're right, only a few videos hurted my eardrums.
    But anyway as now I'm deaf :)

    Thanks again for all the good stuff guys!

  4. 13 Jul ’11  2:15 pm by tannercasey Reply

    Yeah sorry for the music guys, its been a while since iv'e had to edit these things. luckily I apparently have a friend who is perfect and can teach me his ways next time.;P

  5. 13 Jul ’11  3:06 pm by Ben Reply

    Helpful tutorial! However, since there isn't any real-time reflections available in the BGE, is it impossible for me to get a players reflection in water?

    • 13 Jul ’11  7:01 pm by tannercasey

      well there is a way to get a real reflection on flat surfaces but it is very strange and a little complex. As for water I think yo frankie actually had a tutorial on making animated water with an animated normal map. (might be outdated :/ ) If i can figure it out I might make an updated version of it assuming i wouldn't be copying his tutorial completely.

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