I’ve been asked many times for this tutorial – most people thought that it was impossible to do this in Blender Internal, but as always, I like to prove them wrong.

Of course, its not perfectly realistic, but it is definitely adequate and realistic enough that a non-CG-oriented-person will see it as realistic.

Find out how to:

  • Make soft shadows from the sun
  • Use ambient occlusion and environment lighting simultaneously
  • Create atmospheric light
  • Included Tip: Clay rendering


Int Light




  1. 12 Feb ’11  5:12 am by greg p Reply

    Thanks, great work, shows nicely the blender internal renderer, look forward to the e book, really sounds interesting!

  2. 12 Feb ’11  5:13 am by Greg Zaal Reply

    Yep it does :) I've been writing it a lot this past week...

    • 3 Sep ’11  12:37 am by Jayde

      Wham bam thank you, ma'am, my questions are arnsweed!

  3. 12 Feb ’11  12:33 pm by bernieman Reply

    You are surprising me and probably the rest of the visitors. Thx that helped a lot.
    As always - Keep up the good work

  4. 12 Feb ’11  1:27 pm by Greg Zaal Reply

    Thank you :) we do our best

  5. 14 Feb ’11  3:52 pm by bernieman Reply

    So i tried it, because i am in the situation makin rooms etc. I had a hard time gettin the same result. After a while i found out that i had to do the following: World/Raytrace/Attenuation set to around 4. Usually this is 10 i guess. And then i got your result nearly 90%..
    And that Clay Tipp is fantastic.

  6. 16 Feb ’11  7:11 am by Prinios Reply

    Thanks Greg ! Useful tutorial and very funny tone. I enjoyed it very much !

  7. 16 Feb ’11  10:06 am by Greg Zaal Reply

    Haha, strangest compliment I've ever recieved... thanks!

  8. 2 Mar ’11  6:23 am by anand Reply

    hi nice tutorial why don't you post a interior modeling tutorial. your interior building is good.

    • 2 Mar ’11  6:27 am by Greg Zaal

      Well, why not! Expect to see one in the next few days!

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  10. 25 Sep ’11  10:34 am by Ho0oMi Reply

    wooow ,, really reeeeeally great tut !!
    just as what i want ^^
    i'v learnt alot from it .. it's AWESOME =)

  11. 6 Oct ’11  2:51 am by Phiet Reply

    Thanks a lot, i learn a lot of tip!

  12. 3 Apr ’12  9:20 am by Akshat Reply

    My shadows are Grainy please help Bro!

    • 3 Apr ’12  11:23 am by Greg Zaal

      In the environment tab, look for Samples in the Gather panel. The default is 5 - turn that up to something like 16

  13. 3 Apr ’12  9:59 pm by Akshat Reply

    Thanks Mate :)

    • 20 May ’12  2:02 am by Sanchai

      Wow I guess I did forget to meointn the empty thing . I rerecorded this tut about 3 or 4 times so I guess I forgot on the final one :/ sorry But yes, it is a good idea. You can also then use the empty as the target for the focal point when using the defocus node

  14. 8 Apr ’12  9:04 am by Akshat Reply

    Bro thanks For Help , That's What i Came up with ! http://bit.ly/Ib3XHe plese tell how's it?

  15. 16 Mar ’13  6:31 pm by zenruz Reply

    hi i am new on blender and i want to use clay render but i don't have any idea of how to use or where to find it?
    i have just downloaded blender 2.66a
    please help me i really want to know a lot on blender
    thanks i would really appreciate your help ^^

    • 16 Mar ’13  11:40 pm by Greg Zaal

      It's fairly simple :) http://www.blendernerd.com/clay-solid-wireframe/

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