1. 19 Mar ’11  12:32 pm by Jan Larmann Reply

    very nice. I always like to see composting.

    • 19 Mar ’11  12:36 pm by Greg Zaal

      Thanks :) It's definitely my favourite part of anything

  2. 21 Mar ’11  1:17 pm by Herz Reply

    omg great tutorial, please do more tutorial series like this they are so great

    • 21 Mar ’11  1:47 pm by Greg Zaal

      Thanks :) We plan to

  3. 21 Mar ’11  1:23 pm by Benjamin Reply

    Dude, that looks awesome... how did you come up with that formula for the vignette i've been trying for ages to get that effect lol

    • 21 Mar ’11  1:52 pm by Greg Zaal

      I didn't come up with it - I think it was Mike Pan originally, and then everyone copied him, some even claiming it was their original idea :P
      See here: http://blog.mikepan.com/the-making-of/

  4. 1 Aug ’11  9:51 pm by Mr.Side Reply

    Great series, I really enjoyed this! I just wanted to add a little something. If you want to animate this, you can set the texture coordonates to an empty and the move and scale the empty as you want. I gives nice and interesting results.

    Anyway, thanks again and have a great day!

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