1. 11 Mar ’12  2:54 am by Jordan Reply

    I like the new design of BlenderNerd. Hopefully there'll be more downloads at some point.


    I'd like to do a 3D model of you if you'd be willing to let me do it. Drop me a line.

  2. 11 Mar ’12  4:03 am by filip Reply

    I would like a tutorial on how to make tutorials.
    - screencast keys
    - grease pencil
    - zoom
    - highlighting
    - recording

  3. 11 Mar ’12  10:33 am by filip Reply

    - milestones
    - mixing screen and camera recording

  4. 11 Mar ’12  12:53 pm by filip Reply

    - big pointer

  5. 13 Mar ’12  8:45 am by Caroline Reply


    I have only one comment: you might not have the fancied microphone out there, but at least I can hear you loud and clear! I have watched tutorials in which the presenter (or whatever you call a person who narrates a tutorial) was mumbling or had kids and dogs screaming and barking in the background, which made the tutorial extremely hard to follow. BTW, why can I only see half my comment when I'm typing?

    • 13 Mar ’12  9:46 am by Greg Zaal

      Thank you :)
      Weird that you have that problem - I don't. Try refreshing the page with Ctrl+F5 to ignore the cache

  6. 3 Apr ’12  6:48 am by Niki Reply

    not bad not bad The series will give the anttteive viewer enough techniques to go off and do their own model.It helps to have accurate blueprints, and have them line up in the viewports before starting. you battled with guestimatingfrom foreshortened images, i felt your pain.

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