1. 5 Dec ’11  12:13 am by Me Reply

    It would be nice if you made the tutorial without using software that is only available for non-commercial use. Nice otherwise.

    • 5 Dec ’11  12:17 am by Greg Zaal

      If you can find me something like that then I'll rerecord the tut :)

    • 5 Dec ’11  5:43 am by The Techno Alien

      There is this QTPFSGUI for Linux, since we are using a free open source software, we should use this one, uh... All of us are using Linux, right?


    • 10 Dec ’11  12:28 pm by nico

      Hugin can make panorama_formats

      http://hugin.sourceforge.net/ GNU GPL

    • 19 Jan ’12  5:06 am by Davos

      Its just stupid blender is an open software which can be used for anything not just non-commercial.

    • 19 Jan ’12  5:10 am by Davos

      Can I sell my Blender creations?

      Anything you create with Blender - whether it's graphics, movies, scripts, exported 3d files or the .blend files themselves - is your sole property, and can be licensed or sold under any conditions you prefer.

      And this is from the official blender site.

    • 24 Jan ’12  6:18 am by Gary Parkin

      How is your client going to know (or care) what software you use to create the thing you created?
      I went thru this mental anguish when I stopped doing 3ds max and started with Blender.

    • 24 Jan ’12  6:37 am by Greg Zaal

      @Davos Yes you can sell anything you make with Blender

    • 20 Apr ’12  10:40 pm by Samuel Nye

      If you re record the tut, might you show a way to make the image map on a program that works for mac as well? HDR shop does not apparently release any software for mac, so I was unable to follow the tutorial through the environment mapping part (which I was SOOO excited about!)

  2. 5 Dec ’11  2:44 am by greg p Reply

    Thanks for this Greg, looking forward to the next Blender Cookie tut, the orange tut you did was great btw.

    • 5 Dec ’11  3:01 am by Greg Zaal

      Thanks Greg :)

  3. 5 Dec ’11  7:16 pm by me Reply

    just get an hdr map lol

  4. 7 Dec ’11  12:10 am by Thomas Reply

    Video has no sound.

    • 9 Dec ’11  5:24 am by Greg Zaal

      It does :)

    • 11 Dec ’11  10:47 am by Thomas

      I'm so sorry about that - it was totally my fault! I accidently muted the vimeo-player but I didn't realize that at first.

    • 15 Dec ’11  7:04 am by Greg Zaal

      No worries :)

  5. 9 Dec ’11  9:11 pm by Tim T Reply

    Openfootage has a great selection of free HDR images as well as defuse lighting maps, all free.

  6. 15 May ’12  4:38 am by GLaDOS Reply

    Now your thinking in Cycles

  7. 15 May ’12  4:47 am by GLaDOS Reply

    This is for the spelling nazis
    "Now *you're thinking in ycles."

    I second Openfootage.

  8. 27 Aug ’12  9:59 am by Calzaath Reply

    howdy, is there any way you can get it so that your camera is not in the image? or do you just take the picture from far away and zoom in?

  9. 28 Feb ’13  8:58 am by Michael Reply

    Hi there, thank you very much for this tutorial

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