Found a model on Blend Swap by Chris Kuhn and decided it would be fun to texture – it was :)

Since Chris gave away this awesome model, I think it’s only fair if I give away my textured version :)

Licence: CC-BY

Download Blend File

All modeling and rigging credit goes to Chris – all I did was texture and render it.

If you want to support the awesome dude that modeled this awesome model, buy his even more awesome textured version, or any of his other awesome stuff! (most of which are free, the rest are super cheap)




  1. 14 May ’12  8:11 am by Chris Kuhn Reply

    I did the model for this, and I gotta say... Beautiful, man. I went for a slightly different look with my textures: (, but we were thinking along the same lines. I love what you did. Reminds me of Serenity / Firefly... Thanks for the credit, but you did at least as much work as I did.


    • 14 May ’12  8:57 am by Greg Zaal

      Yeah I checked out your textured one before starting (hence the idea for the bronze/copper type of material) and thought it really suited it.
      I must say I feel bad - like I'm robbing you of some sales, but I couldn't resist :)

  2. 14 May ’12  9:46 am by Hassan yola Reply

    so Awesome looking result great work guys I like it so much :)

  3. 16 May ’12  1:02 am by bintang senja Reply

    Hi Greg...that was amazing textures and render... How you unwrap that model so get neat unwrap like that... ? I even did not find mark seam in that model... could you tell me how..? very big thanks.. :)

    • 16 May ’12  1:40 am by Greg Zaal

      U>Smart UV Project :)

  4. 16 May ’12  3:20 am by bintang senja Reply

    oh I see.. thanks greg.. for AO hull image how did you make that..? Is that from AO pass.. ? :)

    • 16 May ’12  3:25 am by Greg Zaal

      It is baked ( - haven't watched that myself, but it should show you what you need to know)

  5. 16 May ’12  5:02 pm by bintang senja Reply

    Thanks Greg.. it's really helpful.. so my guess, you bake ao in blender internal and then render it in cycles.. ? am I right..?

  6. 18 May ’12  8:37 pm by Thunder 5 Reply

    Awesome Model Chris, and Awesome Texturing Greg!!! Ive been testing my skills at texturing and this is very inspiring!! Thank you and keep up the Great work! :)

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