1. 7 Mar ’11  11:47 pm by James Reply

    This is great stuff.
    If you continue like this for several months then i guess your site will be the next blenderguru or blendercookie.
    Good work, keep it up.

    • 8 Mar ’11  5:58 am by Greg Zaal

      Thanks :) That's our goal

  2. 8 Mar ’11  12:10 am by bernieman Reply

    I agree with James. I visit daily and learn a lot. Thx

  3. 8 Mar ’11  8:36 am by anand Reply

    ya! we expect tutorial more often.
    Very nice tutorial. keep it up

  4. 9 Mar ’11  11:01 am by dudeplayer Reply

    Not that bad but you did a lot of things very complicated like where you selected one of your cubish things and delete the rest, you could have left the arrays on and just duplicate the whole thing and then just delete the modifiers. But still nice techniques. Keep it up =)

  5. 13 Mar ’11  1:34 am by john smith Reply

    nice summation! The spin tool also works equally well as a substitute for the circumference array. Another thing people might find helpful is that you could have mirrored the side tread across the original tread by selecting it in the object field in the mirror modifier. With those two you don't have to worry about the object origins or empties. Nonetheless, amazingly quick work! And it looks like there are plenty new tuts for me to watch instead of blabbing here! lol Nice.

    • 13 Mar ’11  1:41 am by Greg Zaal

      Haha yeah thanks :) I know about the spin thing, but I've never used it before, I'm used to arrays :P

  6. 15 Mar ’11  3:17 pm by Jan Larmann Reply

    how old is this site?
    U know I watched blender cookie and blenderguru gorw up. So now thoose to are big and nxt i hope sooo much this one.
    GREAT work

    • 15 Mar ’11  4:09 pm by Rex Harby

      The site has been up for about 4 months now, and going strong, so thanks for this nice comment Jan.

      Greg, Tanner and I hope so too :)

  7. 4 Jul ’11  10:45 am by Craig Reply

    So I am following along, making a tire. And, I usually wouldn't comment, but in the beginning you say Andrew Price tutorial was too long. Well, I cut a whole minute and a half (1:30) off of your tutorial and a whole bunch of fiddling by selecting the four faces in the corner and extruding them up.
    didn't have to delete faces, add edge loops, remove doubles, add faces.
    Don't get me wrong, really good tut, learned a lot about arrays.

    Keep up the good work, love the site.

    • 4 Jul ’11  11:47 am by Greg Zaal

      Yeah haha, I should watch what I say. Guru's the man!
      I'll admit to inefficient planning for this tut

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