1. 24 Jan ’12  6:43 am by Ian Reply

    Thanks for picking this series back up! I guess the big question is, when can we expect part 6? LOL, just joking. Thanks again, Greg!

    • 24 Jan ’12  11:19 am by Greg Zaal

      Quite soon I think, but don't quote me on that ;)

  2. 24 Jan ’12  3:02 pm by 3dLab Reply

    Concerning part 6 :an invitation for tea would be fine.Thanks in advance!

    • 20 May ’12  4:22 am by Eric

      The only negative cnemmot I have about the render is that you are showing exactly the same part of the barrel each time which makes it obvious that each barrel is identical. You should have rotated them a bit each time.

  3. 30 Jan ’12  1:56 pm by Gilles Reply

    The black artifacts around the edge of the glass appearing in the render can be eliminated by reducing the thickness of the solidify modifier.

  4. 19 Feb ’12  1:06 pm by squibblejack Reply

    i am so excited, i am stoked on the render result
    of the light set up test. I mean WOW !!! This is looking
    cool.. thank you for these lessons and i will wait patiently
    for part 6.

  5. 20 Mar ’12  7:00 pm by Chris Reply

    I was wondering if this was definitely going to be finished because I don't want to work hard on something and then have an incomplete project. Haven't started yet.

    • 21 Mar ’12  4:28 am by Greg Zaal

      Oh yes it will, just struggling to find time right now.

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