Rex Harby, Tanner Casey and Greg Zaal are three young Blender users who devote their spare time to making quality tutorials.

 Rex Pic 
Rex Harby

Rex is an English guy living in France. Ever since he started using Blender his life has oriented around CG art and Game Design


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Greg Zaal

Greg’s just a South African dude with a passion for CG art. Helping the Blender community is just his thing. One day he’ll be an awesome film maker with lots of money ;)


Tanner Casey

He has almost lived in more states than he hasn’t. He is currently enrolled in college for 3D animation in Florida. Anime and 3d modeling is all he does anymore. One day he will take all of ZAAL’s money.


Joe Harby

Joe is Rex’s brother. He doesn’t make tutorials as such, but he is the reason the site works. This selfless guy is responsible for all the nuts and bolts of BlenderNerd



  1. 12 Feb ’11  3:57 pm by Jesse Reply

    Can you please teach us how to make a bedroom showing us how to make the pillows and the blanket and the scene around like the window and the cloth material added to the objects that would be really coooollll thankyou =]

    • 19 Jun ’11  5:35 am by Gary Parkin

      Jesse, curtains are MUCH easier then you may think. A pillow could be just a cube with a subsurface and some edge loops.

      Curtains are just a plane, set vertical with a mess of edge loops. Then grab every other one and pull it in, then grab every other one and pull it out like corrugated metal. Then apply a subsurface to it.
      You can also apply a cloth modifier to it too.
      The Subsurface modifier truly rocks!

      Hi Greg. Thank you so much for a great resource website. I've fallen in love with Blender in the past year, and am getting all of my models on line.
      By there way, I wasn't trying to "one-up" you, answering Jessie. :-)
      Thanks again!

    • 19 Jun ’11  5:58 am by Greg Zaal

      hehe, don't worry about one-upping me ;) it's all for the greater good

      Though that method of yours for creating curtains i'd imagine wouldnt be very realistic... to get them perfect would need a lot of attention to detail.

      having done one (a large stage curtain) just yesterday showed me that. It's easiest to do a few tricks with the cloth simulator and shapekeys

  2. 12 Feb ’11  11:19 pm by Greg Zaal Reply

    I suppose I could :) sometime

    • 13 Feb ’11  4:25 pm by Jesse


  3. 3 Mar ’11  3:09 am by Jesse Reply

    Thax a lottttttt for making that bedroom tutorial :)

  4. 4 Mar ’11  12:56 pm by Ian Reply

    Could you do some texturing tutorials with GIMP please? I'd like to learn how to add variation to images/textures. Flaking paint, scratches on metal, moss on a painted wall, specular maps, bump maps, etc..

  5. 18 Mar ’11  2:08 pm by Joe Harby Reply

    The site is looking sweet guys! Well done for all the hard work you've all put into the tutorials! Truly amazing and still only 3 months young!

    • 18 Mar ’11  3:15 pm by Greg Zaal

      Thanks man :) Couldn't have done it without you

  6. 19 Mar ’11  2:52 am by Jesse Reply

    Could you pleaseeeeee show us how to animate? because i think lots of people know how to model but not animate, so could you please show us how to animate?

    • 19 Mar ’11  3:33 am by Greg Zaal

      Sure :) In 2 weeks I'll be on holiday, so I'll work on a nice big animation series then

    • 22 Jun ’11  7:12 pm by Anitra

      It's much esiaer to understand when you put it that way!

  7. 19 Mar ’11  4:32 pm by Jesse Reply

    thankyou ty tyt tyt ty ty soooooooooooo much your the best =]

  8. 24 Mar ’11  5:28 am by Tio Ilmo Reply

    Hello Greg,

    I would suggest a tutorial on modeling a dental arch.

    • 24 Mar ’11  6:18 am by Greg Zaal

      You mean modeling teeth? Or some piece of equipment?

  9. 25 Mar ’11  4:10 am by jan Reply

    when is that eBook coming?
    Could you make a tutorial on using constrains?

    • 25 Mar ’11  4:54 am by Greg Zaal

      eBook... will be a while... While I have many chapters written and many more planned out, Tanner and Rex do not :P

      We will shortly be releasing a themed bunch of tutorials (the elements) where many constraints will be covered.

  10. 9 Apr ’11  7:43 pm by Jesse Reply

    Hey could you pleaseee make a tutorial showing us how to make jelly? because i think that would be really interesting to show us the effects in the jelly =)

    • 9 Apr ’11  11:26 pm by Greg Zaal

      I'll look into it :)

  11. 9 Apr ’11  8:44 pm by Jesse Reply

    hi again i wanted to know when you made this website did you make it with a free website maker or did you buy the website maker? If you made it with a free website maker please let me know what it is thankyou =)

    • 9 Apr ’11  11:28 pm by Greg Zaal

      Ooh I dunno, around the end of last year I think.
      We use wordpress, but we have the most awesomest guy to help us with the more technical things, Rex's brother, Joe Harby. You could say he's our CEO ;)

  12. 9 Apr ’11  10:37 pm by Jesse Reply

    HII 1 more thing when ever you can. Can you please make a tutorial showing us how to create a simple character and making it move? it doesn't have to be in detail but simple. Thankyou =)

    • 9 Apr ’11  11:29 pm by Greg Zaal

      Already working on it :P going to be a while though, blendernerd isn't the only thing in my life atm...

  13. 12 Apr ’11  4:33 am by Jesse Reply

    LoL ok thankyou =)

  14. 19 Apr ’11  4:30 pm by Jesse Reply

    Heeyy Are you guys going to make a car tutorial in Blender showing us how to create the car and animate?

    • 20 Apr ’11  7:29 am by Rex Harby

      Hey Jesse, well this has idea has came arround many times, and the answer is maby, haha the thing is, cars are very long to model, and very repetetif, just a lot of extrutions and rotations, and point pulling.

      So to answer your question would be... maby (I want to because I have alot of experience modeling cars, but there isn't really a real way to teach how to model a car)

    • 22 Jun ’11  7:58 pm by Buckie

      Kewl you should come up with that. Excellnet!

  15. 20 Apr ’11  11:35 pm by Jesse Reply

    heyy ye i know it would be quite hard to do but like if you do get around making a tutorial on a car you could just show us the basics of modeling a car you don't have to show every little thing like you could just show us the basics of animating it you know =)

  16. 21 Apr ’11  12:41 am by Jesse Reply

    Hi again. Actually don't worry about showing us how to model car because it would be to hard to show us. Could you instead show us how to animate a car and make the wheels move? coz i got a car model but i don't know how to make it move. :)

  17. 3 May ’11  5:07 pm by Joe Harby Reply

    Great work guys, keep it up! Don't hesitate to e-mail me whenever any issues occur with the site!

  18. 21 May ’11  8:36 am by Jesse Reply

    Hey could you please show us how to make jelly or something that looks like the blue blob in 'Monsters vs Aliens'? Thankyou =)

  19. 31 May ’11  1:10 am by Jesse Reply


    • 31 May ’11  5:44 am by Greg Zaal

      We're very busy lately, so i may not even get to exerimenting with jelly any time soon

  20. 23 Jun ’11  11:52 pm by qwerty Reply

    very nice tutorial...
    thanks guys.. ^_^

  21. 26 Jun ’11  2:48 am by Jesse Reply

    Hey, I was wandering when you have time, if you could show us how to make a realistic hamburger in Blender? because no one ever shows us how to make food in Blender. Thankyou =)

  22. 15 Jul ’11  1:00 pm by Marwin Reply

    hi!!!!!! :))))))

  23. 17 Aug ’11  4:11 pm by Ricardo C. Reply

    Hey guys, just saw your site and i must say i'm very impressed by it, really solid tutorials and the themes look really interesting, not to spend some bandwith watching them.Oh and thanks for this great resource.

  24. 29 Aug ’11  2:31 am by Animinimus Reply

    Hi guys, I really love all your stuff. Please keep up the good work.

    Have you ever created are are you thinking of creating a Blender tutorial to demonstrate switching cameras? I think you can do it by using the the time line and the 'M' key and binding to camera markers. I'm pretty sure you guys could create a really great tutorial on this topic. What do you think?

    Thanks in anticipation.



  25. 29 Sep ’11  7:14 am by Neil Reply

    I really like your tutorials. they have serious quality and inspire me! I also like how you guys reply back to every comment

    • 29 Sep ’11  8:36 am by Greg Zaal

      Thanks man :)

  26. 1 Nov ’11  4:33 pm by dblenderenthusiast Reply

    lovely site
    looking forward to animation tuts

  27. 1 Nov ’11  4:34 pm by dblenderenthusiast Reply

    lovely tuts too
    welcome to blendercookie

  28. 20 Dec ’11  4:46 pm by Jesse Reply

    Hey I really like your 'Edge of the world' timelapse that was sooo goood!! Could you please make a tutorial on how you made the moon and how you made it night time? Pretty much show us how you make a night time scene and if you can, make a simple model for the lighting to shine on it and how you added the sky and stars around the moon. Thankyou

  29. 18 Mar ’12  7:11 pm by Michael Reply

    Hi guys,
    just had a look at your site today and it looks great. The only thing I don't like is the likes and dislike hidden behind the pictures of the tutorials. I have clicked on the pictures thinking they were like links to the tutorials and have unintentionally clicked the dislike on both the, Underground Carpark Part 4 & Image Stacking to reduce noise in Cycles. Which makes me wonder if the large amount of dislikes on the Image Stacking to reduce noise in Cycles tutorial are all genuine dislikes.

    May I suggest if you are going to have the like and dislikes behind the pictures, that the user is simply asked if they really want to dislike it or like it or not.
    One other thing is it possible to remove my dislikes to the two tutorials above please, I love Greg Zaal's work and would hate to dislike any of his stuff.
    I wish you guys well for the future keep up the good work.

    • 19 Mar ’12  1:59 am by Greg Zaal

      Well thats really weird. Does it not look like this for you?

    • 19 Mar ’12  2:35 am by Rex Harby

      Hey Michael, we have seen this problem, we will be fixing it, its on the todo list ;) thanks for reminding us.

  30. 20 Mar ’12  9:10 pm by Michael Reply

    Thank you Greg and Rex,
    sorry for taking so long. The email sent to tell me that you'd posted went to my junk mail and I only found it today.
    Greg here's a screen shot of what I mean.
    It's not clear that the headings under the pictures were actually links, so I just clicked on the pictures thinking they would launch the tutorials. Not knowing that they had the likes and dislikes hiding underneath them. I hope that clears things up.

    BTW Greg thank you so much for the effort you put into your tutorials, I really love your teaching style and especially for your realistic Orange tutorial. For a long time I had to settle for mediocre result, always hoping that one day to achieve such amazing results. So thank you for teaching this old dog some new tricks.

    • 21 Mar ’12  6:07 am by Greg Zaal

      Oh I see, thanks for that, we'll get it fixed as soon as we can.

  31. 4 Apr ’12  8:24 am by reidh Reply

    hey could you send me what is my correct password to log-on, and/or sign-in? I asked for it and have yet to receive response. It is wierd that I just registered and with what I thought was my password etc. then going to log-in it told me that password is incorrect. please send me correct one.

    • 5 Apr ’12  6:55 am by Rex Harby

      Hey Reidh, I have just sent you a new password, check your spam ;)

  32. 5 May ’12  7:35 pm by elboogie Reply

    i have a nightmare of a problem about linking, appending or importing stuff to another blend file...i was wondering if there was a way of importing the whole .blend, I AM TALKING ABOUT THE THE WHOLE SHEBANG HERE not the tiny bit of mesh or the dab of the texture but importing everything from the camera to the last strand of the characters eyelash. You see when i append or import, blender shows me the .blends i have in my drive to choose from, so i choose, BUT then blender asks if i want the mesh. armature or the material so on...THEN blender asks what kind of material or texture or objrct....i want. After that marathon my imported characters rig is jammed and his mesh is outlined in blue instead of the usual orange when he is selected -__-.....please help guys.

    • 6 May ’12  1:42 am by Greg Zaal

      I'd recommend you look at the wiki to understand what you're doing (

      But basically there's a big difference between appending and linking.
      Appending means it takes that thing and put it into your scene. Simple.
      Linking means it takes that thing and puts it into your scene, but you cant edit it - it is referencing the original file, so anything you change in the other file will affect that thing in your new file. (This is very useful when doing bigger projects like a film or just something with a team, so for example you could start animating before you have even finished modeling it.

      You have to understand how blender structures things. If you want to add, say, a shoe model to your new file, you would append that OBJECT. Appending/linking an object will give you that object and all the materials and textures it's using. But if you only want the material that the shoe is using, then just append/link the material. Note that appending an object will add it into the scene. Appending a material will just make it available for you to use while not adding it to any object automatically (how must it know what object you want to give the material to and which faces is it assigned to?)

      If you want to import an entire blend file, just append all the objects (when you are choosing which objects to append, hit 'A' to select all). If that's not what you want, then import the scene.

    • 6 May ’12  3:51 am by elboogie

      whoa! thanks greg...its that i had downloaded the earlier blender manuals so i kinda doubted the relevance but i really hope the reviewed pdf 2.6 manual would be released for download soon. Turns out all the time i was linking and not appending...thanks again ( 1 n00b habit down )

  33. 7 May ’12  3:14 am by bright Reply

    hi guys, am new and i think this comment goes to everybody.
    All this tutorials is very good but when you look on the texturing side i think the tutorial made can be used on a specific model or character but cannot be used for a different character if you guys have rely studied it so my point is can anybody make a tutorial which covers all the parts of a character which is the skin and which what is learned from that tutorial can be applied to any character(a very good and realistic skin) or it can be an alien skin so am hoping this tutorial will came on soon and don't forget we will be waiting.GOOD LUCK

  34. 3 Jun ’12  1:17 pm by Kevin Reply

    Hey Guys... I think someone should make a tutorial on how to make a cootie-catcher animation like in the intro to NBC's Community.

  35. 23 Oct ’12  6:31 am by David "WHITE Potato" Morrison Reply

    Tanner Casey is a lie, he no longer lives in that communist, black power, country America. He is now a fellow Canadian eh where white power reigns supreme. BTW watch my original video about my Uncle-Uncle Dan

    PS he no longer wears sunglasses indoors.

  36. 3 Dec ’12  7:17 am by Daniel the Duck Reply

    Tanner take over now btw

    These individuals are responsible for not only hacking my computer but also raping my infant son. They have stolen this video from me, stolen my son's anal virginity (which I intended to claim) and ultimately ruined my livelihood. Fuck you guys. I hope you rot in hell.

  37. 8 Dec ’12  1:03 am by ed charlton Reply

    I have a real issue here that I'd like to see a fix to. How to a lay one object to a curved, angled and/or otherwise unique shape? Let me give an example most people can likey relate to: Look at the starship enterprise d. See how the phaser arrays lay along the hull on various locations? I might be able to make a phaser track as it's a fairly simply shape, but how do I lay in flush along an object with a unique topology?

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